Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I've just crammed my filthy gob full of sushi - all you can eat for £9. Macae has a vast array of beachfront restaurants offering massive amounts of food for fairly little money. I once used to be a svelte young man, lean and limber, but this gross business I have found myself in is corrupting me into a bloated, capitalist porker.

Some useful Portuguese:

mais, por favor - more, please.
mais, agora - more, now.
Quero mais cognac a mais mulhers - I want more cognac and more women.
Oi! - Hi! (this one still confuses me)

Frustratingly, I've had to work for the last couple of days, and will have to for the next three. But it looks like I won't be going offshore until at least Monday.

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Eileen said...

Almost fluent, Nev, almost.