Friday, 27 July 2007


I've been eating out for lunch and dinner every day for the last two weeks. I'm sick of it, I tell you. I keep ordering massive portions for two, accidently, and then trying to eat them; either that or I'm going to all-you-can-eat venues and packing my damn face full of all sorts of crap. My belt notch setting - which used to be on 2 just 18 months ago, now wavers between 4 and 5. My belly is hard and round. Even worse, I've split one of only two pairs of trousers I have with me, right down the crotch. You don't notice it until I sit down, and then it all spills out. You can get arrested for this is many countries, but fortunately this is Brazil, and everyone walks around hald-naked.

But presuming the chopper isn't cancelled again, as it was today, I'll be offshore tomorrow, for a couple of weeks of very little work (I hope). Thus, I can begin eating sensibly and commence a rigorous gym routine. I might even wear my good trousers.

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Jenny said...

mmm, I love eating at Brazilian restaurants! Delicious meats!