Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Sao Paulo Plane Crash

Brazil is somewhat shocked by the plane crash in Sao Paulo, when wet conditions and an inferior runways combined to have a domestic plane skid out of control upon landing. I travelled through Sao Paulo, though not that airport, when arriving from London and connecting for Rio. The airport I went through - the international rather than domestic - was notable for having the slowest, longest queue I've ever been part of, even beating one particularly gargantuan one at the useless Charles de Gaulle a few months back. The queue was a result of having an entire airport full of people having to pass through one laid-back security scanner.

As circumstances now make it seem likely I won't be going offshore till the weekend after next and from Monday onwards I might be on standby in Rio, I was hoping to take a couple of days in Rio, as that's where a friend - the delightfully idiosyncratic Roxana, whom I've not seen in years - currently stays. But I suspect that delays might now be monumental, so we'll have to see.

So yeah, I might have the tough luck of having about five days in Rio, on expenses. Rio? What on earth is there to do in Rio?

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