Friday, 20 July 2007

Facts About Brazil

I've been in Brazil for a weeek now, so obviously know a hell of a lot about the place, despite having spent most of my time on base hitting big pipes with hammers. It looks like I won't be going offshore for another week, giving me ample time for further exploration of the base, which I look forward to immensely. But despite my busy schedule I though I would impart some of my new-found knowledge about the world's biggest country (if you exclude Russia, Canada, China and probably Australia and the USA).

Fact no.1 - Brazil has lot of pretty girls wearing only bikinis.

Fact no.2 - Brazil is nice.

Fact no.3 - Brazil's national spirit is called cachaca, and is made from sugar cane. Like all good spirits, it ranges in quality, but I would highly recommend one called "Germana", which is smooth and sweet, and with that hint of luxury.

Fact no.4 - There's quite a lot of mosquitos in Brazil, and they are seriously disturbing my sleep.

Fiction no.1 - Soup was invented in Brazil.

Fact no.5 - Brazil is the second country I've been to that includes the letter "z" in its name.

Fact no.6 - I shouldn't have to do any work here. I'd far rather be on the beach, or dancing in some ongoing street party in Rio, or even getting mugged in a favella.

Now - it is time for me to eat.


Jenny said...

It's a good thing you put the soup thing as fiction...because otherwise I was seriously in danger of believing that claim.

Simon said...

Czech Republic. I had to think for a minute.

Brazil property said...

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