Friday, 23 February 2007

Rewiring My Attic

An ongoing project of mine is the rewiring of my attic, or more accurately, the actual wiring of it. For some time I've been experimenting with electricity and trying to get working lights and power sockets up there, so I can then start floorboarding it and making it into a little haven. Ultimately I intend to have my decks up there, and spend entire weekends DJing alone, playing online poker and drinking red wine until unconsciousness. Really, if anyone has a better suggestion about to do with my time I'd be most surprised.

Unfortunately, anyone who knows me has expressed either fear of amusement at the thought of me delving into the fusebox and adding and rearranging it all. This was in no small way aided by my initial attempts, which resulted in me losing all the lights in one side of my flat for a week, as well as several "bangs" from the main fusebox including one which sounded like a grenade going off and had smoke pouring out.

But today I was on a little crusade, to get this wiring done before I go away on Saturday. I had the lights up and running a couple of weeks back. but today was the very meticulous job of pulling wires out of the main box and adding in new wires. And to my delight, it worked first time. Well, sort of. The rest of the flat continues to have power; as yet I'm too afraid to actually try out my new attic sockets. I think I'll leave that for after Mauritania. If the flat hasn't burnt down in the interim.

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