Monday, 19 February 2007


I just got the news that I'm going to Mauritania on Friday. This is an important job for me as I'll be going alone, and this is my chance to shine, or screw up royally. It should be straightforward though. I'll probably be there for a month.

I don't know much about Mauritania, except that it has lots of sand. I think that may be the country's only point of interest, in fact.

Although not as exciting as the recently-aborted Alaska job, this should still be interesting. The only shame is that I'm forced to abandon my plans to rush to Spain for a few days to rescue a stranded Bolivian girl. Never mind - hard luck, girl.


Simon said...

Just had a peek on Wikipedia and it looks fascinating!

It also neighbours Western Sahara, which is illegally occupied by Morocco.

So there you go!

Mark said...

In the banc D'arguin, it has the western paleactics most important wetland, which can be home to several million birds at one time.

So there

swishfish said...

And surely everyone knows that it is one of only two countries in the world not to use decimal-based currency. The basic unit of currency, the ouguiya, comprises five khoums.