Thursday, 31 July 2008


I was sipping a cold beer and listening to a splendid DJ mix by Frenchman Ivan Smagghe yesterday afternoon when there was a knocking on my door. As I was very busy playing snooker I asked my PA to answer it. It was the neighbours. Would we like to join them on the roof for a barbecue? Well, why not?

It turns out, it's rather nice up there.

Later on, I went for some drinks with Kitchen Mark, French Claire and The Swish Fish. I got monstrously drunk and ended up DJing again - I was so drunk I thought I was doing it well. Yates, our neighbour, also visited, and promptly passed out on my sofa.

This morning, I have found an empty bottle of whisky and an empty bottle of gin. I'm feeling a little sub-par I must admit.

1 comment:

Simon Varwell said...

Nice. I particularly like the harbour shot.

How do you get up there, if not through your attic?

And please tell me Justin was DJing too.