Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Two Weeks Stranded In Vitoria

It's been two weeks now, stranded alone and helpless in Vitoria. There are better places to be left in, and worse places. It's pleasant here - it's bright and sunny with long stretches of beach, the mountains and sea are very attractive to the eye, and the place seems relaxed and friendly. But gosh, there's not much to do. For the residents, it's fine, but for the solo visitor it's a little limited. Tanning myself on a beach for hours doesn't appeal, and there's less in the way of bars and more in the way of bar-restaurants: the latter makes the lone traveller somewhat conspicuous as they sit alone at a four-seater table.

But my time hasn't been spent entirely in quiet retiral in my hotel room. I've taken plenty of walks, and there have been a few things to visit. Also, through this "couchsurfing" website Varwell is a proponent of, I met with a lovely girl who has provided me with a bit of human contact and some interesting conversations. So ennui has been kept at bay.

It looks like my spell of nothingness is to come to an end anyway. In an email to my boss I explained I'd been away six weeks doing very little, and quite fancied going home - so he's put me on another job. So Friday or Saturday I'll be going offshore to kickstart some new search for oil. Fortunately, I've been assured I'll be replaced as soon as personnel are available, which looks like next week.

Which would be good timing actually, as it would coincide well with... well, let's just say "Handsome Matt" and watch the girls squeal...

Anyway, here's a few photos of Vitoria, and its attraction. Sorry, plural, attractions.

This is a steep walk, leading up to Vitoria's premier attraction, the Convento Da Penha, a 450-year-old and still functioning convent, situated on top of a hill and overlooking Vitoria and its conjoined twin Vila Velha, plus the bays, beaches and hills.

It was Easter Tuesday ... blah blah blah, sorry can't be bothered writing. Just look at the photos.

Oh look, a cathedral.

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Jenny said...

That is one giant rosary. I wonder if they're trying to tackle an entry in the Guinness book?