Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Photo Archive Volume 4

Welcome to the final installment my photo archive, where all yesterday’s tomorrows becomes tomorrow’s yesterday – today!

Yachting in Croatia

In late August last year, I went yachting with some upper class people and foreigners. For a week we only wore our underwear, and cruised around the Adriatic, sipping gin and tonic. Unfortunately I neglected to bring my camera battery charger, so my battery ran out after a couple of days, so I missed such events as “Pirate Day”, which was very entertaining. So you’ll have to do with some photos of boats and people you don’t recognise.

Here’s a yacht with some people on it.

Here’s pretty much the same thing. In the background you can see Split.

This is one of the bays we stopped in overnight. This was also the bay the naked Germans showed up, which I took care not to photograph.

Here’s a Croatian village. Which one, I can’t remember.

Here’s two people on a yacht.

And look, here’s me. On a yacht.

Beach in Brazil

I’ve already written lots about Brazil, but here’s one more photo for the record, as it’s quite nice. It’s of a beach in Barra, an area of Rio.

Finally, by popular demand (i.e. Eileen), here's my classic from last year: "Goats at Night". The observant among you may notice that these are, in fact, donkeys.


Jenny said...

What a tour de force these Photo Archives have been! I, for one, am disappointed that the show is now over.

Nev 360 said...

They were actually all done in December, when I was in the North Sea, and I'd intended them to be for the end of 2007, but all of a sudden I was chucked to Trinidad, and wasn't able to post them. I just happened to remember about them a few days ago.

swishfish said...

The donkey photo does not disappoint. There are some deep truths in there.

Eileen said...

Nev, may I make a copy of "Goats at Night", please?

I laughed so hard I peed a little.