Monday, 23 February 2009

Off To Angola

Well, I got back from Mozambique three weeks ago, and have spent the time trying (and succeeding) to regain the stone in weight I lost on that job, by means of a rigorous regime of alcohol and absolute inaction. But now I've been summoned from my atrophy, and in a matter of hours will be Angola bound. But I'm not going to this enchanting, earthly paradise for a holiday, oh no; instead I'll be once again hanging about big chunk of metal with lots and lots of men, getting sweaty and talking about big lengths of pipe. I do wonder where my life is heading sometimes.


Simon Varwell said...

Good luck!

Don't do anything you wouldn't do.

Morag said...

Ah poor brother. Whilst you slave away, I idle by, wasting my life away... Just to give you plenty of warning, I'm off to New Zealand the beginning of April so if you have any friends there , don't forget to tell me about them until after I've left ala Berlin.... Is handsome Matt still there?