Sunday, 17 August 2008

Small Party

Look at my new camera. What do you think?

In fact, it's not mine, but was left in my flat on Friday, after somewhat of a mangling party. I think it may be the neighour's, Yates's, but I've decided to keep it until he claims it, and maybe sell it on Ebay. Looking through his photos, it's rather heartening to see he's almost as bad as I with regards to this alleged art, but his collection was redeemed by a photo of me, on the roof.

Friday's party was a rather sprawling and unplanned affair, that left me almost entirely physically disabled on Saturday. It started off with a few civilised drinks with my sister and her friends, but ended up with a motley crew of colleagues, neighbours and strangers on my roof at 7am. The main instigators of it all - for I was blameless - were Burness (a perennial bad influence), my PA and the neighbour Yates, who seemed to drag half a clubful of people back to the flat at 3am. It was all very enjoyable, though I was very glad I've opted for floorboards only in my flat, for the flat was awash with spilt drink. My PA very gallantly cleaned everything up the next day too, as I slinked off to Green's empty flat to hide, and to watch the football and Olympics.

As all this may suggest, I'm not in Norway and still lounging about at home. The job in Norway was cancelled this week, and nothing else seems immediately imminent. It's almost six weeks at home now - a record, I think. With all my flats finished and rented, I find I don't have much pressing business to do, and have become incredibly lazy, so I really intend to make better use of my time this week. I may even pop into the office - yes, it's got that desperate. I won't actually do anything there except drink coffee and pester people, but I should remind everyone of my continued existence, and see what jobs are coming up.

And that's it.

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