Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Nev In Bad Mood

It's been a good week at home so far. There was a very grand wedding, between Lamb and some milk magnates, I've started getting my new flat ready, my beloved Market Street flat is coming on well, Van Nev has been a rutting stallion and has even gone up to 70mph, my new PA/flatmate has been most useful, I've enjoyed some good beer and have rarely ended the night sober, I have a drinks globe in my house, a pretty girl smiled at me in the street, the weather has been absolutely lovely, and there's been lots of football on the TV. Even the funeral of a great-aunt wasn't so bad, as I got to see a number of family members.

So why am I in a foul, stinking, dirty dog of a mood? Because I popped into the office today and was told I might be going offshore on Friday. Meaning my weekend trip to Ireland, to reunite with the lovely Rebecca and see Leonard Cohen in concert, would be cancelled. And meaning that I have had just one week at home. That makes six this year.

I like my job, but I like my life too. And don't believe in sacrificing the latter for the former.


Simon Varwell said...

Not good. Where to? Can you say no?

Eileen said...

The cheek of you. I'm in Ireland too, you know.

No, I don't want to see you.

Mark said...

Are you sure a pretty girl didn't laugh at you in the street?