Sunday, 30 March 2008

Photo Archive Volume 2

Welcome to my second installment of the archive, where dreams become reality.

This is a photo of me next to an owl on a ladder.

The Rig In Nigeria

These are just a few more photos of my stint offshore Nigeria in April.

During operations offshore, there was never quite enough bedspace on the rig due to the numbers of personnel involved. Therefore, sometimes they had to move people to the boat. The means to move people from rig to boat are pretty straightforward – a crane and a basket. It amuses me that in these days of paranoid health and safety offshore, where you can’t walk up steps without clutching the handrail, that this method is still used. The basket is open and exposed, and no safety harness is worn: you simply have to hold on tight. It’s both scary and fun, and the sort of thing people pay money for.

It really goes quite high.

Here’s a shot of the rig during flaring operations, taken from the boat.


I enjoyed Mauritania, though my own photos were woefully bad (“Goats At Night” being a particular classic). Fortunately, some guy I met at the bar gave me all the photos he took.

This is a beaten up old car. Mauritania has lots of these: most of them are still being driven.

This photo, obviously, is a personal favourite. A framed copy for my living room will surely eventuate. No, I don’t know who either of these gentlemen are.

A main road in Nouakchott.

Big Girl

My friend Justin/Green/The Swish Fish is very unlike a girl in most respects; indeed I can’t and don’t want to think of a scenario where there could be confusion. However, when it comes to photos, he’s a big girl, saying he doesn’t like people taking photos of him. Hence, he always glowers. This photo happens to be the very first ever taken on my camera.


Jenny said...

Is that owl bringing you your mail, in true Harry Potter fashion?

Nev 360 said...

I use the owl to hypnotise girls that I take back to my flat.

Danny said...

Great owl, is it stuffed?

Nev 360 said...

No, it's a real, live owl.